Social Enterprise, or the Social Economy, consists of business activities, typically offered in a for profit setting, being offered by a not for profit organization with the surpluses generated from this activity being used to fund the not-for-profit’s broader community mandate.  With the renewal of the Community Futures program in October 2005 financing of social economy activities was added the eligible uses of the CFDC's Investment Fund.

Applications are processed and approved in a manner similar to those for business financing.  We are, however, allowed more flexibility with the interest rate than we are with our business loans.  This is done in an effort to accommodate the not for profit borrowers and encourage social economy activity.
To Apply
Organizations applying for Social Economy loans should provide a business plan with cash flow for the enterprise as well as copies of their recent financial statements, documents showing them to be incorporated as a not-for-profit without share capital and a list of the current Board of directors.
Other information on our lending services can be found in the Financial Services Fact Sheet. 


 APPLICATION FORM DOWNLOADS - Please note: To be able to edit the PDF you must save and open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

South Lake CFDC Statement of Personal Assets & Liabilities (pdf)

Cash Flow Spreadsheet (excel)

South Lake CFDC Financial Fact Sheet (pdf)